Sequim Lavender Fair™  -  
July 18-20, 2014
Tour de Lavender™  -  
August 2-3, 2014

Farm Faire Staff

Administrative Staff          

Executive Director                            Scott Nagel
Operations Director                          Brian Crocker
Volunteer Coordinator                      Melissa Murray
Media Director                                  Mary Powell
Office Assistant                                 Charlotte Sellin
Executive Consultant                        Mickie Vail         

Production Team  

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator       Lynn Drake
Projects Coordinator                        Kelly Jo Hill
Production Coordinator                    Chuck Collins
Production Consultant                      Mike Pinell
Lavender Park Site Manager            Michelle Gombert
Security Coordinator                        Rod von Houck           

Faire Staff    

Accounting Manager                        Steve Lange
Accounting Manager Assistant        George Gring
Lavender in the Park Committee    Cathy Angel,
Marcella Stachurski, Beth Norris
Lavender Park Special Operations  Cole Thienes
Mapping Coordinator                        George Grant
Production Assistant                         Amanda Pinell
Production Assistant                         Art Thomas
Production Assistant                         Kevin Johnson
Security                                             Lance DiMatteo
Sound Production                             Duane Wolfe,
                                                          Julie Wolfe
Staff Photographer                           Tanya Nozawa,
                                                          Ron Stecker
Trash Control                                     Boy Scout Troop 90
                                                          Amber Adkins
Volunteer Assistant                           Jennie Lebowitz

Farm Volunteer Managers                  Jean Coursey,
                                                            Mary Lawrence,
                                                            Jennie Lebowitz,
                                                            Carl Pielick,
                                                            Dee Tiemersma
Roving Ambassador                            Caron Burgess
MV Coho Tour Guide                          Robynn Gerkitz

Area Coordinators       

Boys & Girl's Club Kids Faire            Janet Gray, Mary Budke
                                                         Darci Ulin, George  Rodes
Dog Sitting                                       Chris Connell, ClaireConnell 
Music Booking at the Park                Duane Wolfe
Wine Garden Coordinator                Kathy Charlton, Lisa Martin
Wine Manager                                  Lorrie Campbell
Beer Garden Manager                     Justin Tognoni 

Contractors and Donated Services       

Bill's Plumbing                                     Karen Lewis
Dairy Fresh-Ice Truck                         Greg Senf
 Deborah Anastazi Black
Public Relations                                   Deborah Anastazi Black
High Tide Seafood
Refrigerated Truck                              Ryan Sanford
In Graphic Detail                                  Jessica Diewald
Olympic Distributors                             Joe Gladfelter
Olympic WiFi                                       Amanda Litschke
Olysigns                                               Wade Leinaar
Pen Print                                              Heather Eims
Post Industrial Press                             Skip Jensen
Printery                                                Mike McKenna
Rotary Club of Sequim                         Don Sorensen
Sequim Gazette                                    Debi
The Sign Shop                                      Tom Parkwell           

Sequim Lavender Farmers Association Executive Committee

President                                              Vickie Oen
Vice President                                      Jordan Schiefen
Secretary                                              Mary Borland-Leibsch
Treasurer                                              Janet Abbott           

Thanks to the City of Sequim
                                       Jeff Edwards, Barbara Hanna, Jack Dodge

Webmasters .......................... Dan Abbott, Mickie Vail

Special Thanks...

Chris and Claire Connell, Steve Burkett, Barbara Hannah, Linda Lape French, Steve Tharinger, Ken Hayes, Joe Gladfelter, Lisa Hopper, Julie Lange, Steve Lange, Shelli Robb Kahler, Jeri Smith, Lynn Elliott, Jeff Edwards, City of Sequim Public Works Department, Kathy Charlton, Heather Eims, Steve Perry, Printery, Karen Kuznek-Reese, Sue Ellen Riesau, Michael Smith, Gina Lowman, Mary Beth Wegner, , Russ Veenema, Emily Westcott, Jessica Diewald, Laurie Tanguay, Chris Price, Cathy Angel, Trinity United Methodist Church, the Blake Family, Craig Miller, Larry Friedman, Tom Parkwell, Bob Torres, Dana Davis and the tractor guys.
  Also Jeff Pedersen and SkyRidge Golf Course for the use of the golf cart and Neil Burkhardt and Jane Stewart and McComb Gardens for the pull carts. And of course Chuck Collins and Scott Erlwein for our hay rides!
  And more thanks to: DM Disposal, Deborah Anastasi Black Public Relations, Olympic WiFi and Boy Scout Troop 90 for garbage duty!
   A very special thanks to the amazing farmers of the Sequim Lavender Farmers Association who have worked tirelessly to make this event a special celebration for lavender lovers from around the world.

Last but not least, Thanks to our very understanding families for supporting us during Farm Faire season.

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