Sequim Lavender Fair™  -  
July 18-20, 2014
Tour de Lavender™  -  
August 2-3, 2014

2013 Volunteer Assignment Descriptions
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UPDATE - We have enough volunteers for the office.  We do not need more.
A small group of faithful volunteers has made Lavender Weekend happen each year with hours of dedicated service doing behind-the-scenes work that is absolutely essential.  The tasks and times for this group have not yet been determined, but we will definitely need help when they are.  If you have not worked in the office before, please do not select this as your only option.  Because of the minimal office needs, it is possible that new applicants will not be received.

UPDATE - We have enough volunteers for this.  We do not need more.
Every poster needs to be rolled, and every ticket package needs to be stuffed with essential items.  This activity is typically a very enjoyable gabfest for all participants.  The mood is friendly and fun as volunteers gather to do a tedious but important task.  The work will take place at Washington Lavender in May or early June, but we do not have a specific date or time.  If your schedule is not flexible, please do not select this as your only option.

Volunteers will be given the Farm Faire poster to deliver and, where necessary, mount, at specific locations around Sequim and Port Angeles.  Farm Faire posters will not be hung in other locations this year. 

To be fully staffed, we have about 400 shifts to fill with volunteers.  We can run with 75% of those shifts filled, but it is not ideal.  In 2012, we had just over 130 amazing individuals work multiple shifts to meet our needs.  Obviously, we need more volunteers!  By choosing this assignment, you will be helping brainstorm and execute new and improved ways to recruit volunteers.  Work could include, but is not limited to, designing or distributing a flyer or advertisement, finding and contacting relevant organizations, or using the internet and social media.  Please help!

Not everyone has an email address or receives our email newsletter.  Some have an email address but don't like using it.  These volunteers will be the bridge between our electronic resources and individuals that don't have them.  In the immediate term, these volunteers will call individuals in our database to help them complete an application, if desired.  As Lavender Weekend draws near, these volunteers will be making calls to convey information that is distributed via the emailed newsletter and contacting those who have been nonresponsive.  In order to do this assigment, volunteers will need to be able to make unlimited phone calls to long-distance numbers, and be able to enter gathered information in an Excel spreadsheet or in the online application.  Training for the latter can be provided.

UPDATE - We have enough editors.  We do, however, need folks to help with content.
In the feedback from 2012, many volunteers expressed a desire for an advance copy of a thorough training manual.  This desire echoed our own and, were time not finite, we would have had one last year.  There is a lot of information to convey, and it must be done in an efficient and understandable manner.  Every i must be dotted and every t must be crossed.  If you have been volunteering for many years and know all the ins-and-outs, or if you have a love for writing and editing, please select this assigment!  The only way the new and improved manual can be excellent is if we get help from the excellent volunteers who need to use it.

With a tight decoration budget, creativity and innovation are required, as are thrift shops.  Lynn has been doing a stellar job making beauty out of nothing for several years, but she cannot do it alone.  If you enjoy being crafty and creative, or working with your hands, or even bargain shopping, please mark this item.  Please note any specific area of interest in the comments section on the last page.


These are very important volunteers who are available to fill-in as needed in various assignments. With as many volunteers as are needed to fill all assignments for each shift, the Farm Faire could not function without floaters who will do whatever is necessary to keep things running smoothly.

There will be information booths at at the entrance to each farm on the Heritage Lavender Farm Tour. There will also be information booths at Lavender Arts & Crafts Faire in the Park.  With 9-10 information booths and 9 shifts over the weekend, each requiring 2-3 volunteers, we have a minimum of 165 slots to fill with information booth volunteers alone!

As a volunteer you will be giving directions, handing out programs, providing stickers for Passports, pointing out the nearest restroom, explaining Lavender Weekend events, and - most importantly - selling Farm Tour tickets or Friends of Lavender membership (new product).  All volunteers at information booths will be expected to handle money and, at the Park, Purple Haze, and Jardin du Soleil, process credit cards.  You will meet people from all over the world, and share stories and information about the Sequim-Dungeness Valley. Obviously, you will also share what is special about lavender and the location where you are stationed.  Volunteers are expected to review the provided training material and attend one training session the week prior to Lavender Weekend.

The city shuttle bus system will be operating again this year, and there will be numerous additional events taking place in the downtown area.  We want to make sure that, no matter where people park or where they start their Lavender Weekend journey, they are  given complete and correct information.  Roving Ambassadors will be available at strategic locations in Sequim with maps, helpful answers, and a warm smile.  They will not sell any products.  They also may not have easy access to seating or a covered area.  In order to maintain communication with Farm Faire Staff, these volunteers are required to have a cell phone that is available to use during the shift.

This volunteer will have a blast driving guests from the logging field parking lot to the festivities at Lavender Arts & Crafts Faire in the Park, via a good old-fashioned tractor!  Volunteers will be trained on how to use the tractor, but MUST have experience driving a wide trailer.  Guests are seated in a large trailer that is pulled behind the tractor.  This volunteer must also be physically able to help guests get on and off the trailer.

In order to serve as a banker, a volunteer must have already established a trustworthy reputation with Farm Faire Staff.  Bankers are responsible for driving to the various Heritage Farms throughout the weekend to deliver supplies and pick up money.  These volunteers will be based at the volunteer office and given a parking pass for that parking lot.  Bankers must possess their own vehicle and be comfortable driving to each farm in spite of the weekend traffic.  Typically, each banker will be assigned to manage only two or three farms.

During Lavender Weekend, the room adjacent to the bathroom at the Water Reuse Park serves as the Volunteer Office, as well as an Information Booth.  An assistant is needed to help Lynn and Kelly receive phone calls from the various Farm Tour volunteers, manage supplies, address emergencies, answer questions, recruit new volunteers, and fill any open shifts with floaters or last-minute volunteer registrations.  Work behind the scenes and learn the ins-and-outs here!

These volunteers serve at Lavender Arts & Crafts Faire in the Park and assist with creating the best possible experience for our valuable vendors. They monitor the hospitality tent, making sure that only vendors and volunteers are using the tent. They also refill snack and beverages throughout the day, clean the area as needed, and deliver items to the vendors.  If needed, these volunteers will also monitor a vendor's booth so the vendor can take a break.  While this is an important and valuable volunteer assignment, it is not essential.  As such, volunteers will not be assigned unless other, more essential, assignments are covered.  Please do not select this as your only choice.

Pictures are worth 1000 words.  A video is probably worth even more.  In addition to offering a valuable memory for our volunteers, we also want to increase our marketing potential.  These volunteers will need to provide their own equipment and will be encouraged to roam to different venues. They will, however, also need to take direction from event staff regarding content.  Once Lavender Weekend is over, it is expected that electronic files will be provided to Farm Faire Staff.  If selecting this assignment, please be prepared to provide a portfolio of prior work.

These are well-spoken and entertaining volunteers that introduce groups and artists prior to their performance at Lavender Arts & Crafts Faire in the Park. The volunteers will also help artists as needed at the James Center Stage.

Thursday is a long day.  Carrie Blake Park needs to be transformed into a tranquil and beautiful, yet exciting and efficient, lavender experience.  Farm Faire Staff needs all the help they can get to make this happen.  Tearing-down on Sunday is a little easier than putting setting-up, but Farm Faire staff are tired and still need as much help as they can get.


UPDATE:  This position has been renamed to "Farm Volunteer Manager"
With so many volunteers in so many places, it is difficult for one person to manage everyone on Lavender Weekend.  Additionally, the farmers are very busy and it is hard for them to attend to a different group of volunteers each shift.  In the past, we have held farm meetings for the farmer to meet and inform their volunteers, but those meetings are historically low in attendance, partly because many volunteers are assigned after the meeting takes place.  As such, this year, we are going to assign one volunteer to be the farm expert.  This person will meet with the farmer prior to training sessions, contact all assigned volunteers to confirm arrival, and be present at the start of each shift to ensure everyone is comfortable.  This person will be the liaison between the farmer and the volunteers, as well as the liaison between Farm Faire staff and the volunteers.  As part of the latter role, this person will monitor the supply tub.  Venue Coordinators must have a cell phone that can be used for contact during Lavender Weekend, and will be expected to attend a special training session prior to the ones scheduled for other volunteers.  As of 7 June 2013, we need one more person, for either Lost Mountain or Victor's Lavender.
Prior to arriving at the James Center Stage, musicians and artists must be contacted, so that they are aware of the stage set-up and technical issues, and so that our staff is aware of their technical requirements.  During the event, the Emcee Coordinator is available to assist the Emcees and to ensure smooth and seamless operation of the James Center Stage.  Those in the theater world might view the Emcee Coordinator as a sort of Stage Manager. 
If you are interested in this position, please make a note in the Comments field on the last page of the online application.